How to create a website with Joomla


Create an article:

The article is the central and most important part of the website. To create new article go to the "Content" menu and select "Article manager", from there you just click "New" and the article window will open. Here you type in the articles' title, select the section and category and change the status of the article – published or not, that actually determines if it is visible or not. To display an article in a particular section or category you just have to select them from the article editor at any time, they can be freely changed. If you want an independent article select "Uncategorized" and then create a menu item with article layout and assign the article to it. Otherwise the article would not be visible. From now on you can create as many modules as you want and assign them to the same menu you have created for your article in order for them to appear on the same page.

create website with joomla create article

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