How to create a website with Joomla


Create a module:

You can also have most of your content placed in various modules on the page. From "Extensions" select "Module manager" and choose to create a new module. A list with special types of modules will appear.

create website with joomla create module

From here you can create modules and define the positions for login forms, polls, menus, sliders etc. You can also install thousands of other modules, freely available online. However, the most commonly used module is usually the "Custom HTML" one. With it you can display plain text and embed any kind of media. You will notice that it actually looks a lot like an article and offers similar options. You can add as much text as you like and insert media. Do not forget to fill in the name and select the page, on which you want to place the module from the "Menu assignment" section.

The position of the module is very important and it is its main feature. The modules’ positions let you customize significantly the look of your website without writing any code.

create website with joomla module

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