How to create a website with Joomla


Edit an article:

The WYSIWYG editor: Here you create and edit the article itself. The editor looks a lot like a standard text processing program, so it is really simple to use. You can use some basic formatting options like text alignment, indents, lists, links, some effects like italic or bold, some styles for your text etc. If you want to edit or add an additional code, you can switch to HTML view from the "Toggle editor" button or the small HTML icon.

From the sidebar you can look up the visits of the page, the creation date, how many times it has been revised. Of course, you can change the dates or the author of the article. In the drop-down menu "Parameters (Advanced)" you can select which elements of the article to be displayed on the page – this includes icons, titles, authors' name, publishing date, categories, etc. In the "Metadata information" section you should fill some basic information in the description box. Use your keywords in it, also have in mind that this is the description that appears in the page results from search engines and it should not be very long.

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