How to create a website with Joomla


Create "Sections" and "Categories":

All different articles from your site can be collected in "Categories". The "Categories" on their turn are organized in "Sections". "Sections" and "Categories" help you to show lists or pages with links to related articles. To create category or section go to the "Content" menu and select "Section manager" or "Category manager". Just click "New" and enter the title. In order to place an article in a certain category or section, you have to choose them from the articles' editor. However, not everything in Joomla should be necessarily categorized. To create plain single pages just select the "Uncategorized" option. The articles you put in this category are outside the hierarchy of categories and sections and will become visible if assigned to a menu. You have to create a menu for every article in "Uncategorized" as well for any category or section, so they can show up on the site.

create website with joomla categories sections

create website with joomla categories sections

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