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Mambo is a fully developed and intuitive content management system that can be used for the management of simple websites and blogs or for more intricate business or organization websites and applications. It is also very suitable for the creation of portals, intranets and extranets, nonprofit and community sites. Setting up your site with Mambo hosting is simple and quick, so everyone can start their own business or personal sites. Mambo’s interface is user-friendly and easy. With the 1-click Zacky tool installer you will have installed Mambo in a couple of minutes with no complex settings and necessary technical skills.

Mambo hosting plugins and extensions

Mambo hosting is flexible and full of surprises! You can use hundreds of plugins and extensions developed especially for Mambo. In this way you can easily add forums, galleries, shopping carts and many more cool features to your website. Plus, your site can be made really international with the multiple language packages.

Mambo CMS is written in PHP, the world's most widely used programming language for web pages. It allows you to increase the functionality and interactivity of your website as much as you want and as you want it.

Easy Mambo Hosting

For great and reliable Mambo hosting we offer powerful servers, 99.9% up-time, professional customer services and very easy to use Control Panel. We are here to help you to launch your site fast and simply. With our web hosting services you can install Mambo for free automatically with just a few clicks.

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