Rich content


  • Automatic image resizing, caption and alignment, image galleries
  • Support for mathematical formulas with LaTeX, music notations, hieroglyphs etc.
  • Supports great variety of media files

Editing process


  • Edit particular sections of the article
  • Recent changes - list with the latest editions
  • Watchlist of the pages you want to keep eye on
  • Link to a particular version of an article

User management


  • MediaWiki hosting offers various levels of access and privileges
  • Protection for articles, banning users etc.
  • Additional access and users configurations available

MediaWiki Hosting

mediawiki hostingMediaWiki is web-based software that was especially developed for the management of Wikipedia, which is one of the biggest websites online. MediaWiki also powers another Wikimedia projects and thousands of other wikis.

MediaWiki hosting is suitable for small and much bigger sites with lots of traffic and data. MediaWiki is the most commonly used and very powerful wiki application. It is widely used particularly for the internal management of information in companies and organizations.

MediaWiki websites can be easily modified and enriched by thousands of extensions including Flash and YouTube videos and RSS. Different templates may be used and the stylesheets may be edited.With MediaWiki hosting you can customize your website even more simply with different skins available for free. MediaWiki also offers many anti-spam extensions and text search.

You can get MediaWiki hosting with instant automatic installation and 99% uptime with our free web hosting services.

Hosting for MediaWiki

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