php-nuke hostingPHP-Nuke is a content management system (CMS) widely used for the quick and automated publishing of news and various types of articles by both editors and users of the site. Users’ registration and comments can be enabled, too. And that is not everything, great number of social features can be easily added and enabled: forums, different feeds, calendars, messages, polls and FAQs. Advanced users can also develop multifunctional community-based websites. It is a web-based program developed with PHP and MySQL. It is managed through a simple user-friendly interface directly from the web browser. PHP-Nuke is available in more than twenty languages. It is commonly modified with additional themes and can be customized further with minimum knowledge of PHP and CSS.

When you create website using PHP-Nuke hosting you can freely manage user accounts, posting processes and you will be able to work with various powerful tools for creating great looking and interactive web pages. PHP-Nuke doesn’t necessarily require code writing because its interface is fully automated. The system supports numerous features and can be developed even more with all the free extensions available online. PHP-Nuke is suitable for the creation of all kinds of dynamic sites, which can be launched within minutes.

PHP-Nuke features:


  • Control advertising on your web pages more efficiently
  • Easy management of downloadable files
  • With PHP-Nuke you can create encyclopedia features
  • Receive feedback from users via e-mail regularly
  • Enables all kinds of forums and discussion boards based on BB2Nuke
  • Enables scheduled publishing of news and dividing them into categories
  • Private Messages among site's members
  • Search in the website
  • Detailed website statistics
  • Allows the simple submission of users’ articles
  • Displaying top articles sorted by date or topic
  • Customizable member profiles that enhance your users' experience
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