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PhpGedView hostingPhpGedView is a sophisticated program, which facilitates the online updating and construction of your family genealogy. Editing with PhpGedView is simple and fast: the new submissions become instantly visible for the visitors of your website. You can enrich your pages with multimedia at any time and collaborate with your family members online efficiently and flawlessly.

PhpGedView is an application that helps you to avoid duplicating genealogy records which is a waste of resources, time and money. With PhpGedView hosting you can work on your family tree together online. The pages are updated dynamically, so everyone can keep track of the changes. The program also enables search within the data.

How it works


PhpGedView hostingPhpGedView hosting prevents the overwhelming work with GEDCOM and making mistakes with different versions of your genealogy files. The information is easily reached online and can be edited much more quickly by all members, so your family tree will expand much faster and will be error proof.

Everyone can make their own trees, compare them with others and ultimately link them. The better communication between the users will help them avoid mistakes and useless copying of data. Everything that someone changed can be left for a preview, so files can be edited numerously before publication. We offer web hosting services with free and automatic installation and full support for PhpGedView hosting.


Hosting for PhpGedView

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