simplepie hostingSimplePie provides a fast and easy way to manage the reading of feeds and it is very suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is a library with codes, written in PHP, that allows users to save their time and efforts working with Atom and RSS feeds. It helps you to manage encoding, caching and synchronizing data between RSS and Atom.

Easy to use

You can also find a lot of free documentation, tutorials and screenshots for the SimplePie library. It is extremely easy to use, but requires a minimum understanding of PHP. SimplePie can be easily integrated it in all kinds of blogs and news platforms, forums, wikis, etc.

SimplePie feeds standards management

If you choose SimplePie hosting you will be able to manage your feeds much faster in the simplest possible way. That is easy because SimplePie is compliant to most (if not all) of the feed softwares and standards. It supports all major RSS and Atom versions, but also some versions of Dublin Core, GeoRSS, iTunes RSS, Media RSS, XML, XHTML, etc.

Through the years SimplePie has grown into a very easy tool for maintaining feeds on web pages, now it uses PHP 5 code and supports hundreds of character sets, numerous media types and much more.

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