SSL Certificate, what's this ?


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptographic protocol that guarantees that your data is transmitted safely and that communication is secure. When you establish a SSL connection your information is protected by an encrypting mechanism that blocks attempts of stealing data, eavesdropping and damaging your confidential information. When SSL is enabled for your site any business or private data is shared safely online and money transactions are managed with no concerns. Online payment and sharing credit card information makes your clients vulnerable to attacks, so they will be more inclined to share them and trust you if they are convinced that they are safe. That’s what the certificate is for, your customers' accounts need protection and the SSL encryption with 128 or 256 bit key grants you safety while information is send from the website client to the server and vice versa. The bit keys are used when the data is received, so it could be accessed by the user.


SSL encryption is necessary when:

  • You are managing an online store;
  • You accept credit card and other online payments;
  • Your website offers services that require a sign-up for users;
  • Your site provides log-in accounts, that require private information;
  • The site uses users’ personal information in any other way;
  • You want to verify your firm's authenticity and trustability;

The trust online is vital for business and sharing

If you want to gain loyal and consistent users, you have to provide them with great online content and services.  This necessarily includes putting them in a secure and comfortable environment. It makes no difference if you sell online or just require a registration for the site members, you should protect their personal data from any external intrusion. As hacker attacks and account violations are getting more and more common, users become increasingly cautious. People submit information and pay online only when they feel that the website they are buying from can be really trusted. When you want visitors to sign up for your site you have to ensure them that their private information is not to be disclosed or misused. That is why every responsible website owner should use SSL certificates. So, if you don’t want to lose any potential clients and increase your sales, consider buying SSL. Visitors of your site can quickly check if the site is secure by looking for the https:// or the padlock in their browser.

Geo Trust Certificates

sslVery efficient and money-saving way to secure your website visitors and prove trustworthy. GeoTrust is one of the largest  Certificates providers that offer full brand authentication and speedy delivery.

Wildcard SSL

sslUsually, SSL certificates are assigned to a single hostname of the domain (e.g. But some sites need to be fully secured and they have to buy each hostname an individual certificate. Wildcard is a SSL that protects multiple hostnames/subdomains of one domain name on a single server. It's not cheap, but it lets you install and manage just one certificate. It`s especially useful for big sites and online shops.

Extended Validation SSL

sslCertificates with Extended Validation give your users the feeling of total security because they see that the address bar in their browsers is green and contains the name of the organization that is verified by this certificate. The name of the Certificate company that issued it is also displayed.

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