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The VPS hosting is innovative technology that divides the resources of one physical server between a number of virtual ones. The functionality of VPS (Virtual Private Server) is comparable to that of a physical server and it’s just as efficient. You need VPS hosting if you want your own completely upgradable CPU and RAM and full access to your settings. Compared to shared hosting the VPS service is much more effective and reliable. It’s also less expensive than dedicated hosting. Our Virtual Private Servers are using the XEN technology and its XEN Hypervisor - a layer of software that acts as mediator between the server's hardware and the operating system and gives you direct access to the hardware.

XEN Virtualization Technology

VPS hosting with XENThe XEN Hypervisor lets you install different operating system (Windows, Linux, BSD, CentOS or Solaris) independently on every virtual server. It can be freely customized and updated. With XEN virtualization you receive better isolation and security, superior server utilization and reduced expenditures. VPS hosting with XEN means greater software and hardware tolerance to faults, because it enables fast and autonomous rebooting and flawless live migration of the virtual server to another physical machine with no downtime at all.

XEN vs. Virtuozzo Containers

VPS hosting XEN vs virtuozzoThe majority of hosting companies sell VPS with the Virtuozzo Containers technology, which doesn’t enable you to modify the OS, doesn’t provide the dedicated-server-like isolation that XEN has, restricts the access and doesn’t have custom Firewall configuration. With Virtuozzo you don’t have independent kernel for every virtual server and the RAM and CPU you use are in fact shared with others. These limitations and insufficiencies aren't problem for the XEN virtualization technology, which guarantees your autonomy in the management of your site.


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