What is VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server Hosting) is a separation of one physical server by using virtualization technology like XEN virtualization. The result is multiple servers (virtual), that are independent by the means of their resources: CPU, RAM and Operating System.

The XEN technology and its XEN Hypervisor - a layer of software that acts as mediator between the server's hardware and the operating system, gives you root access to the server, so you can make customized installations, modify your OS and so on. Each virtual server can be managed on its own and even run on a different operating system. It can be rebooted if needed without affecting the other virtual servers on the physical machine. The allocated resources of CPU, RAM and Disk Space are not shared, so that none of the other virtual servers can influence your virtual server performance if they are extremely overloaded.

One more feature of the virtual hosting is your own dedicated IP-address stitched to your server. You do not share this IP with anybody. Also - there are no limits on the number of sites, data bases, domain zones, ssh/ftp/e-mail users as long as you do not pass over the limit of the resources you can rely on(your CPU, RAM, Disk Space and Traffic). Check our VPS Hosting plans here.

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