Zacky Website Wizard

Creates a website powered by Joomla or Wordpress

The Zacky Website Wizard is an Agilityhoster in-house development project. It presents a sophisticated way to install Joomla or Wordpress application as a base of your website creation. The wizard consists of 4 steps to pass through and complete a Joomla or Wordpress installation. Joomla is strictly recommended for websites and Wordpress is strictly recommended for blogs. Each installation comes with a nice design layout and a theme that has pages created in the Joomla or Wordpress back-end that you can easily add content to later. Sign up for Free or Paid web hosting account and try our Zacky Website Wizard.

Step 1 - Select your site builder platform

The Zacky Website Wizard has been developed to install a simple website based on Joomla or Wordpress software application. Joomla is strictly recommended for typical websites with pages, presentations etc. while Wordpress is recommended for blog type websites. On this first step of the Zacky Website Wizard you have to choose Joomla or Wordpress to be the engine for your site.

Step 2 - Choose your design and installed plugins

On this second step you are prompted to choose a design layout by the Zacky Website Wizard that will be applied on your Joomla or Wordpress site. At present we have 40 different design layouts for Joomla and around 90 design layouts for Worpress. It is important to say that the design you choose cannot be changed afterwards via Zacky Website Wizard, however it can be changed by medium experienced Joomla or Wordpress user.

On this step you can install famous plugins for the Joomla and Wordpress applications. The plugins we have implemented for installation are around 40.

Step 3 - Configure your website settings

On this third step you have to choose for which domain/URL Zacky Website Wizard will install Joomla or Wordpress engine. You have to specify the title for your website and administrator credentials (username, password and email address) which you can use later to manage the back-end of the Joomla or Wordpress engine. In the Joomla/Wordpress back-end you can change the dummy/default text with yours.

Step 4 - READY! Install your New Website!

This is the final 4-th step of the Zacky Website Wizard. Here you have to review the setup parameters and proceed with the installation of the Joomla or Wordpress engine. The installation process takes a single click on the Install button, after you verify the installation details. Please be patient here, it may take a while until process is completed. After finishing installation the wizard is printing the URL of your website and the URL for the back-end of Joomla/Wordpress you have specified in step 3.

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