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Zenphoto is a CMS developed especially for the creation of image gallery websites. However, with Zenphoto you can manage all types of media, you can make galleries with video and audio, too. Zenphoto hosting is the perfect solution for artists, photographers, musicians, etc. It is simple to use, supports multimedia and can be extended or modified. In this way you can create blog and other custom pages, subpages, menus, etc. The news pages are autonomically published on schedule. You can also add comments, forms, feeds and more. Files can be uploaded directly from the Zenphoto back-end or via FTP. Using Zenphoto hosting will empower you to manage all of your media files without professional help, quickly and effectively.

The creators of Zenphoto understand how important is security for the users and that is why on Zenphoto passwords can be configured for individual pages or galleries, too. User groups can also be created with different levels of access entitlement. Very importantly, watermarks are enabled and there's no limit to the number of images and albums. Zenphoto sites are also search-enabled, SEO optimized with meta data support and user-friendly URLs. It`s very easy to keep track of your work and gallery statistics.

Hosting for Zenphoto

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